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Last updated on : Wednesday 10, October, 2001



Aquarian(The Water Bearer)NATURE:

You are ambitious and love independence. You do not like to work under anyone or be under any kind of restrictions. You want to be top boss in anything that you do and also want to look after each and every detail yourself. It is difficult for you to stick to anything where you are not given a free hand.
You want to combine imagination with idealism and turn it into a beautiful reality. For this no amount of hard work is enough for you. In fact, you are capable of accomplishing the most difficult task with patience, hard work and tenacity. You are strong-minded and are able to think clearly and rationally.
You have a deep sense of responsibility and cannot rest till you've successfully completed the task that you are entrusted with. In fact, you even worry about this so much that it can lead to ill-health. However, you have strength to fight adversity and can tolerate/accept sorrow philosophically.
You are quick to grasp situations and gauge people. Although you do not lack patience, hard work and tenacity, still some kind of anxiety and hopelessness about the future will always trouble you. Although you are aware of your own strength, still at times you may suffer from lack of faith in your own self.
You will be somewhat inclined towards religion and if this becomes a strong attraction, you may become a zealot. You will be religious kind of person and even if you do not subscribe to rituals, you would like to perform good deeds. However, you'll place the good of society, country or the world over that of individuals. If this trait is developed, the right way, you may end up doing real good to the society around you or even to the whole of mankind.
Your views and ideals regarding duty, love, social interaction will be different from others and hence people around you will find it difficult to understand you. So, you may not be able to interact with them easily.
You are cautious and like to save and conserve without being a miser. But if you carry this trait to an extreme, you may become selfish and stingy-so exercise caution.
You do not like to display your emotions and so, outwardly may appear to be hard hearted. But you are deeply moved by other's sorrow and also extend financial help secretly. Moreover, you prefer to help the wider circle of the society or country, rather than an individual.
You are a thinker and are inspired by such people. You do not like to interfere in the work of others and also like to do your work without interference of others. You achieve the best results when given a free hand. Although you are capable of explaining your point of view easily and rationally in the course of conversation, you do not feel comfortable while giving a long speech. However, if it involves a social cause, you do not mind speaking at length.
Very few people will get to know your high mental abilities. At times, you to will be involved with things beyond the comprehension of your contemporaries.
Sometimes, you may stand up for something that'll lead you to earn the ire of common people. However, the fulfilment of your life lies in doing good for the country with the help of your mind, hard work and patience. Work is worship for you.

Aquarian(The Water Bearer)LUCK:

You will have to progress with the help of your own efforts, hard work and capabilities. Steady hard work will lead to success and therefore, it is imperative to be patient and the will to work. You may not be able to do anything worthwhile before the age of 30. However, you'll definitely be comfortably off in the later life if you do not give up your efforts.


From the age of 37 till the end.


Anything that requires deep thought and hard work is suitable for you. work related to land-farming, planning; and work that has social relevance also suits you. Scientific research, practical science, chemistry-are fields close to your heart.
You are capable of writing such work which can do good to others. You can help adequately in the running of big businesses and Govt. departments, big contracts and the running of Limited companies.
In short, you'll be more successful in jobs/projects that involve a lot of people and are drawn on a very big scale.


It is possible that you will be naturally disinclined towards marriage. In general, your married life is neither good nor bad.


The main reasons for your ill-health will be a feeling of hopelessness and depression. This may lead to diseases related to the intestines, gas, gout. Trouble with your foot-injury operation or wound inflicted with some weapon-is indicated. Ailments related to liver, spleen, tooth, ear are also indicated. The cure for all your ills is to banish depression, remain cheerful and go for a change of scene.


Deep blue is good for you. Any deep colour and even the colour black is also good for you.


Blue sapphire is good for you.

Aquarian(The Water Bearer)Love Life for Aquarius
(January 21- February 20)

"Love is universal friendship". Don't be surprised if your love story is made in cyberspace. If you haven't already found your heartthrob on the net, very soon you will! You are a communications person, mental compatibility and wavelength is what switches you on, so the net is the ideal meeting ground for you.

The best places to find Aquarians are cyber cafes, computer game shops or techno fun parks. They get along best with Libra, Gemini, Aries and Sagittarius. Their opposite sign is Leo, with whom Aquarians get along best.

Aquarians are very techno-friendly and live in a totally new age. Their idea of a holiday is also to go to places which are hi-tech, man made and new age. The ideal gift for an Aquarian would be anything that is new age - a music album, some hi-tech gizmo or just a new age idea.