Picnic Begins

Note: The dog on left is not part of our class but kept following us.


The songs kept flowing...

Mousami was nicknamed 'RadioCity'


After more than 2 hrs of antakshri it was time for snacks


No one is ure whats happening here.


Time to pose for some photos

On Top

Everyone had his/her own spot.

Guys follow

Guys took over the girls territory


Sameer and Kishore will never grow up. :)

The Tree

This tree was a superhit

The Group

Just wondering if they do some things independently!!

The Treck Begins

The treck to the lost temple begins.

Whats up?

I thought we were looking for the temple. Meanwhile something else was also going on.

Temple found!!

The temple was found

The Hut

There was a hut too.

The Dance

While most preferred staying outside. Tanmay was too excited, not to dance.

Guess whats there in the background. :p

Sameer with the goat.

Sameer got hold of this goat and passed it on to animal loving Sambodhi.

The Goat

Some people reminded us that there were snakes nearby... but we only found goats.

The food was spicy

Don't worry guys these two are brotherlike. ;)

Hungry Tanmay

Tanmay had a stomachfull after a long time


We were overjoyed to see the boat.

In the boat

A great picture but...whats Tanmay upto?

Thats me!!

I just realised. Amongst all the excitement I didnt shave that day.

The perfect shot!!

Don't you think I should be proud of my photgraphy skills :)

Sarson ka khet

While we were boating, these people were in the farm.

On the stairs.

Guess why I am not in this picture!!

Ice cream?

We thought about ice cream...but settled with just taking a picture there!!

Before we left

The customary pictures before we left

Before we left

The customary pictures before we left

Before we left

The customary pictures before we left

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