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This is my latest picture!!

Papa, Mummy, Ankit, Badi Mummy(tayiji), Dadiji {in front row}Masiji, Gaurav(Monu), Pooja(Sweety) {in middle row}and I am on Top!!

The family together at Crocodile Park, Lucknow

Me with My friends Abhishek (in middle) and Siddhartha

Me , Gaurav, Ankit and Pooja!!

With my principal on our last day at St. Francis!!

Well as you can see I had started horse riding at such an early age!! :)

Is the water cold or hot? Let me see!!

This is what I looked like at 10yrs

This picture is of my birthday. As you can probably guess the cake was really tasty. Guess my age (Hint: Number of candles on cake - 1)

My class picture in class 10th

This is my old class pic...Do you know where I am?

(Hint: wach for my hairstyle)

This is my favourite picture of all times!!

Me and Ankit on Horses at Darjeeling!!

The Family together in front of Suraj Kund ,Lucknow

Show me your teeth, Good boy they are all well brushed!! Lol

Mom Ankit and Me in Darjeeling...We had just witnessed a beautiful sunrise!!