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   Hello Sir/Ma’am, in the partial fulfilment of the master’s degree work, we the students of FORE School of Management, New Delhi, India have chosen to do a descriptive research on NRI banking. We hope that you will take out your few minutes and fill up this questionnaire, as your participation is valuable.

(Please click/tick the preferred option(s))

A.  General Information

1. Which part of the world do you currently reside in?

    North America
South America
Arab Countries
Rest of Asia
Australia & Neighbouring Countries

2. How many times do you visit India?

    Every 6 Months
Every Year
Every 2 Years
On special occasions
Rarely (Once in more than 2 years)
Several times per month

3. a) In which time of the year do you visit India?
Nothing in particular!
b) What is the usual duration of your stay?
1 to 3 days
4 to 10 days
more than 10 days & less than 1 month
more than 1 month
Nothing in particular!

B.  Bank Accounts and Services

4. Do you have an NRI A/C with an Indian Bank?
    Yes No

        If Yes,

a.1) In which of the following bank do you primarily transact in?

Other Banks

a.2) What kind of NRI account do you have in this bank?

Non Resident External (NRE)
Non Resident Ordinary (NRO)
Not Aware
Others (Specify

a.3) What are the services offered by your bank?
      (Press 'CTRL' to select multiple options)

Any Other? Please Specify

b.1) If No, please specify a reason?

C.  Satisfaction

5. On a scale of 1 to 5 (where 5 is most important and 1 is least), how important are following factors while choosing a bank? and how much do you rate your bank (selected above) on the same.


Ideal Your Bank
a) Facilities / Services
b) Credibility / Security
c) Promptness of service
d) Personalised attention
e) Overseas presence / Network
f) Friendliness / Ambience

6. On a scale of 1 to 5 (where 5 is most and 1 is least) How satisfied are you with your bank?
1    2    3    4    5

a) If satisfaction less than 3 are you looking forward to switch to another bank?
Yes No Not Applicable

D. Awareness

7. Have you heard of ING Vysya?
Yes    No
    If No, Please go to section
E. Feedback
    If Yes,

a) How did you come to know of ING Vysya?
Word of Mouth  Relatives/Friends
Advertising  By Other Means
b) Which services offered by ING Vysya are you aware of?
Mutual Fund
   Others, Please Specify->
c) On a scale of 1 to 5 (If your ideal bank was rated 5) where do you perceive ING_Vysya to be?
No Idea
d) On hearing ING_Vysya what comes to your mind?

E. Feedback
Do you have any suggestions for Indian Banks with regard to NRI services?
    (Anything offered abroad which could be introduced in INDIA)

F.  Personal Information

Contact Number in INDIA (Optional):
City of origin in INDIA:


-Any informal comments-

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